The Kia Rondo has precision steerology. Probably created from thinkisms.


The elevators at the Crittendon Medical Building in Rochester MI have padded walls.


Having a flashing xmas tree and a lit up santa lawn ornament a week after Valentine’s day is a little overboard.

The new Mercury car commercials need to try some variety, the song is really getting annoying, especially considering they only play the same 25 seconds of it. The song is called “nth degree” by Morningwood. But, the best use of it yet is in the commercial where the tall lady with the square chin is with some nerdy guy. The commercial plays out like they work together.

He has is iPod out as they walk out the door and she says, “If we take my Mercury, you can plug that right in.” (As though this is the only car that has this unique feature.)

That’s not the good part. The good part is when he plugs in his iPod and it’s that same song. This song is… gay. I don’t mean that derogatorily. I mean if you are a male who likes wearing fluffy pink things this may be the song for you. This is the song that bouncy, giggling nine-year-old girls listen to while sitting around and screeching about crushes on the “older” eleven-year-old boys.

Not a grown man on the way to a corporate meeting.

It’s one thing for the tall skinny lady with the square chin wandering around telling you to put Mercury on your list with this song in the background. But, come. on. He does seem immature, but nine-year-old girl-immature? Not quite.

There’s some diet pill called Nutrisystem. There are testimonials on every commercial from some skinny people with probably photoshopped fat picture of them, and they all say something about how great the diet pill worked for them.

One woman says: “My husband loves my new body, in fact, he jokingly calls me his trophy wife.”

Yea. Jokingly. Keep telling yourself that.

If you’re worried about your kids running up the phone bill, why would you want to get a family shared plan. Especially when it’s “anytime” minutes. I had free incoming calls on a plan a few years back and talked 5500 minutes in one month. (For the record I used exactly my 400 peak minutes. Bam.)

You’d end up paying major overages anyway, and it would mean you couldn’t talk on your own phone without paying more overage.

“One thousand anytime minutes. Enough for even the biggest talkers.” You sure about that?

There is an episode of CSI called “Grave Digger” – it was the finale of the fifth season. I was affected for weeks after watching it. It still gets to me to think about it. One of the CSIs, Nick Stokes, was kidnapped and buried alive for the duration of the episode. The episode was disturbingly well done.

Evidently they’re showing it on a Spike TV thing called Casino Cinema (two hosts and a guest or two get together during the commercials to play cards of some sort, and present movies or tv shows), and previewed it as “the Quentin Tarantino directed episode of CSI”.

I can see that.