There’s an episode of Without a Trace called “Hang on to me”. The end of the episode puts them in Detroit. Almost every show has that shot of the city to set the scene before getting on with the show.

This shot was only about 2.5 seconds long. It included the People Mover.

The People Mover is a monorail has 13 stops. It costs 50 cents. Basically, it’s for entertainment purposes only.

I actually just went to the website. I had forgotten about some of the gems. It opened in 1987 and claims a ridership of ~8,000 people per day (which is refuted by Wikipedia – evidently it’s been declining… Who would have guessed!). Each has original art – some done in tile, some sculptures, paintings, neon lights. The stations are named for the general area. Some of them (Times Square, Broadway) I would classify as wishful thinking. It appears to have somewhat reasonable access to most of the major entertainment in Detroit. But, as it starts in Detroit and ends in the same spot, you still have to drive into Detroit to get to it. Makes it useful if you’re going from one point to another within the city. Otherwise, there’s not much point. It’s also in a constant state of disrepair.

As for the show… All major cities have an el-train or a subway. So why not portray Detroit with one.

I laughed out loud when I saw it. Rewound it to make sure I saw it right. Rewound it again to share it with everyone in the apartment. Seriously. Hilarious.