I’m watching South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut on the Comedy Central Secret Stash, which means in it’s full obscene glory.  And of course including Blame Canada and World War III.

And there’s a commercial for tourism in Ontario.



I am obviously having major problems with my self-hosted site. Essentially… It won’t connect. At all. If it does it crawls like snails.

I had it hosted at a place called Quantact. They provide virtual machines – basically it’s as though I had my own linux box and was setting up and hosting my site from there. They also handle DNS which is fantastic – the free DNS sites are alright but I find them sort of annoying to deal with.

Anyway, I still don’t know what the issue was. The guy from Quantact seemed to think it was that the system wasn’t buff enough to handle to software for the site. I’m not entirely sure why it wouldn’t be. WordPress isn’t all that hefty. I wiped out the box and reinstalled everything and the problem was still happening. Quantact suggested upgrading to a different type of service, but it cost a little more money and I don’t really have much right now.

It didn’t make much sense to keep a web hosting service that wasn’t working so I cancelled. As well, a friend has offered to host my site. (Although, he hasn’t gotten back to me since he offered, so I don’t know whether or not it will pan out.)

I sent Quantact an email to request a cancellation. I got a prompt response (like always, as a side note) letting me know that I would be refunded for the rest of the month, and… That I could upgrade to the new service for the same price as the current service since the current one hadn’t worked. Since I have the offer from my friend in limbo at the moment, I asked if I could wait a bit and still get the offer. He emailed me back to let me know that the offer was good anytime I would like to take it.

Every time I’ve had an issue I’ve gotten a response within hours (except on weekends, but not much longer then). The issues were resolved quickly. The setup offered all of the things I would have expected from the service I selected. The control panel setup was easy to use. The DNS service worked great and was extremely convenient. Prices were excellent. I just wanted to give Quantact props for a great setup and fantastic customer service.

I’m driving down the road.  I’m the only person in my lane for miles.  There’s a road ahead with a car waiting to turn the same direction I’m driving.  They pull out in front of me.




Eddie Izzard discussing a dog food company’s discussion regarding changing the name of the food – “They held a strokey beard meeting..”


My mom follows the rules of the road to the letter. Somewhere past the letter even. The type that drives between 49 and 54mph in the 55mph zone.

And yet, everytime a cop drives by or she passes one she slows down. Uses the brakes even.


I hate products that have plural names.  Glade Plugins.  Swiffer Dusters.  “I have to buy a Glade Plugins.”  “You can clean it better with a Swiffer Dusters.”

Ok… Why.

Vehix.com has these incredibly annoying commercials with three guys, two employees and a boss.  The boss always says something like, “Vehix.com helps thousands of people buy cars, how can we improve that experience?”

The first employee is meant to be ugly (not that any of them are attractive, but this one is especially not so much).  He says something stupid like, “Replace the mouse with a steering wheel, so it feels like you’re driving in your new car already.  And you can press the horn to change pages!” or “Free squeegee service!” (here some guy drops down from the ceiling and slaps a sopping squeegee on the guy’s laptop) or “New car smell comes out of the computer every time you change pages!” (he starts pressing the mouse button and something is spraying out of the back of his laptop screen).

The boss stares at him unamused.

The other guy is meant to be attractive (again he’s not really).  He always says the same thing: “Vehix TV.  Cool video test drives powered by Wheels TV.”

The boss’s eyebrow moves a little and his lips move a little.  He look stupid in general but this adds to it quite well.  Makes him look like he just wet himself or got a morphine shot.

Either way…  At least the ugly loser is being original.  Although the boss must be on the same monothought wavelength of the other guy – round about the third time that the other guy said the same thing, and that was the only thing that impressed him, you’d think the boss would stop asking.